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Below is an example of some of the scenarios where we have helped our clients. In some instances we have been in their shoes, in others we have been there to make sure they get the right outcome for the right situation.


Family FALL OUTS IN Business

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It is not uncommon! Employing family members can work out to be the best decision you make.... or the worst.

When it works, it works well, but when it goes wrong the consequences are far reaching.

Holly Blue helped one organisation through a disciplinary process which culminated in the termination of employment for a long standing employee, who was also a member of the family.

We went on to successfully defend an unfair dismissal claim in the employment tribunal which went some way to helping our client move forward in what had become a far reaching and troubling situation.




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What do you do when the one of the team at the top is consistently not performing? 

You sack them!

No dismissal is an easy one and unfortunately most employers deliberate too long, edge on the side of caution or give substantial (not to mention unwarranted) payouts. In this case,  we advised our client of their right to invoke the employment contract and terminate for underperformance. Our client defended an unfair dismissal claim (challenged by a leading law firm) and saved thousands in the process.

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In the public sector its the most common scenario! Do not be bullied by union representatives. Do not get embroiled in a protracted process whereby you reach a stalemate. Call Holly Blue !



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