An impossible challenge

In August 2017 Julie received a phone call from her friend Linda Britton. Linda had experienced the tragic loss of her 16-year-old son, Owen to sudden unexplained death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) on the 28th January 2016. His death was preventable yet it happened because he was medically undiagnosed in his epilepsy and treatment is not offered until after a second epileptic seizure.   


Despite the risks of unexpected death being known to the medical profession, parents and patients are not informed. Linda believes this should change and is determined to raise awareness of SUDEP to the general public. Her mission is to raise as much money and awareness as possible. To do so properly involves frequent, continuous and long term marketing campaigns.


To raise the funds it would take something big….. In a moment of madness (as described by Julie), Linda considered the Dubai 70.3 Ironman. It had to be something bigger than themselves (no kidding!). The event will take place on the 3rd February 2018 which is the closest event to Owen’s anniversary.


The 70.3 ironman is a 3 discipline event, 1.2mile open water swim (that is the sea!) a 56mile bike ride followed by a 13.1 mile run.  


It is fair to say that Julie’s immediate thought was of the impossible! After which (and in her usual demeanour) she thought ‘WTF’ I have to pay $235 to enter the race, buy new running shoes, a tri kit, a wetsuit, a bike, a helmet, cycling shoes and sunglasses, and on top of that she wants to raise a three figure number for SUDEP!”


First a little history; as of August 2017, Julie did not know how to swim with her head in the water or for more than 50 metres, she did not own a road bike. She just knew how to run and even that has been problematic due to injuries for the last decade. A 6-month timeline for such an event in itself would be a challenge for any full time refined athlete, for Linda and Julie it is an impossible challenge.


It is now less than 8 weeks to go to the event, training has been hampered by work commitments and Scotland’s winter weather but the challenge and madness remains.


If you can assist Julie and Linda in their challenge either financially or via media your contribution will be greatly welcomed and very much appreciated. You can potentially save a life by sharing our campaigns. Future posts will highlight signs and symptoms and so much more. Below is the link and we hope you will take the time to support. Many, many thanks in advance.