Dallas McMillan Solicitors

The services provided by Holly Blue at this time are in employment matters only. This area of practice is what we know, and do best. It's our favourite! 


We do however recognise that our clients would benefit from a range of legal services and have accordingly partnered with a legal firm who exhibits our values and favours their own practice areas with the same conviction and gumption as Holly Blue.


Accordingly, we are delighted to introduce our partnership with Dallas McMillan Solicitors.


Dallas McMillan are a Glasgow city centre based firm who offer a full range of legal services from litigation to private client work. As a client of Holly Blue, you can benefit from our partnership with Dallas McMillan with access to the following discounted legal services:



(1) Personal Injury Claims

Dallas McMillan have a reputation as one of Glasgow’s most experienced and knowledgeable personal injury firms.  Their personal injury team contains two Law Society Of Scotland Accredited Experts in Personal Injury and they represent clients nationwide, as well as acting for two of the country’s largest Trade Unions. They deal with accidents at work, road traffic accidents and public liability claims among other types of claim, and, as a Holly Blue client, Dallas McMillan will act for you on a No Win No Fee basis.


(2) Clinical Negligence

Dallas McMillan’s clinical negligence team specialise in claims concerning accidents at birth and surgical accidents. They will represent all Holly Blue clients on a No Win No Fee basis


(3) Commercial Litigation

Dallas McMillan’s Commercial Litigation team handle all forms of commercial litigation from simple debt recovery to corporate insolvency.



Dallas McMillan’s Commercial Property team is headed by the firm’s Senior Partner Forbes Leslie, a practitioner with over 25 years’ experience in commercial work of all types, from leasing to development work, refinancing to commercial purchases including licensed premises, care homes and dental practices, asset purchases and share purchase agreements.  As a Holly Blue client, you will receive a discount of 20% on all Commercial fees.



(1) Conveyancing

Dallas McMillan’s experienced conveyancing team will provide you with a discount of 25% on all conveyancing instructions


(2) Wills and Powers of Attorney

As a Holly Blue client, Dallas McMillan will prepare a will for you free of charge. Your spouse or partner will be entitled to a discount of 25% on the cost of preparing their will too. If you wish a Power of Attorney to be prepared for you, you will also receive a discount of 25% on the standard costs of that work.

It all started when....



In her childhood, Julie's father suffered from leukemia, his illness spanned almost ten years, throughout which he fought every single day to survive. Living with the fear that he would not live long enough to see his daughters become young adults he reminded them daily that when gone, he would send his love through butterflies. 

The butterfly became a symbol of hope, despair, love and loss. Traits that teach perspective, passion, resolve and tenacity. For the team at Holly Blue, the butterfly is a reminder of all things important.

Holly Blue is a butterfly, blue or pale silver-blue wings spotted with pale ivory dots. Its colour represents loyalty, truth and integrity. Its behaviour is tactful, caring and concerned. We strive to emulate the Holly blue butterfly.

Our choice of the name holly blue is based on the above principles and because we liken the butterfly and its metamorphosis to the reality of the working world. One minute all is well and then suddenly it's not! In the blink of an eye it can quite literally go from one extreme to the other.

When challenges fall upon the business owner the expectation is that you deal with it, and that you do so correctly and timelessly no matter how complex, how sensitive or how nonsensical you feel the issue is!

The butterfly also symbolises transformation because of its impressive process of metamorphosis. This tiny creature undergoes a massive amount of transition and unquestioningly embraces the changes of its environment. Its dance reflects the need for movement from where it is to where it needs to be... just like the employer.

The transformation of the butterfly is ironic in the chaos of our own conception. In some cases we have been in your shoes, in all cases we have come out the other side and we have done so successfully.