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As businesses become more and more susceptible to the risk of employment tribunals, Holly Blue Employment Law is available to provide specialist advice, health & safety guidance and employment tribunal representation.  


In her childhood, Julie's father suffered from leukemia, his illness spanned almost ten years, throughout which he fought every single day to survive. Living with the fear that he would not live long enough to see his daughters become young adults he reminded them daily that when gone, he would send his love through butterflies. 

The butterfly became a symbol of hope, despair, love and loss. Traits that teach perspective, passion, resolve and tenacity. For the team at Holly Blue, the butterfly is a reminder of all things important.

Holly Blue is a butterfly, blue or pale silver-blue wings spotted with pale ivory dots. Its colour represents loyalty, truth and integrity. Its behaviour is tactful, caring and concerned. We strive to emulate the Holly blue butterfly.

Our choice of the name holly blue is based on the above principles and because we liken the butterfly and its metamorphosis to the reality of the working world. One minute all is well and then suddenly it's not! In the blink of an eye it can quite literally go from one extreme to the other.

When challenges fall upon the business owner the expectation is that you deal with it, and that you do so correctly and timelessly no matter how complex, how sensitive or how nonsensical you feel the issue is!

The butterfly also symbolises transformation because of its impressive process of metamorphosis. This tiny creature undergoes a massive amount of transition and unquestioningly embraces the changes of its environment. Its dance reflects the need for movement from where it is to where it needs to be... just like the employer.

The transformation of the butterfly is ironic in the chaos of our own conception. In some cases we have been in your shoes, in all cases we have come out the other side and we have done so successfully.

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